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Open Travel Schema Tools Project - Open Source

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Open Travel Schema Tools Project - Open Source

by doncorley » Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:05 pm

ota-schema-tools are a set of ant based utilities to extract and cleanup the opentravel schema for use with various schema tools.

We all have to follow the same steps when we use a tool such as jaxb on the opentravel schema:
1. Unzip and organize the schema files.
2. Fix the little quirks with the schema or our tool.
3. Run our tool against the schema.

ota-schema-tools attempts to simply this process by automating these steps.

ota-schema-tools currently works with jaxb (java bindings for xml), xmlbeans, and the xsddoc documentation tool.

ota-schema-tools is a sub-project of the ota-tools open-source project on sourceforge. You can find it here:
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