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JiBX/OTA Open Source Java Toolkit

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JiBX/OTA Open Source Java Toolkit

by DSosnoski » Tue Feb 16, 2010 3:30 am

JiBX/OTA is a set of examples and sample code intended to help developers working with the Open Travel Alliance schemas in Java. It includes two different examples of JiBX code generation from the OTA schemas, an example of WSDL generation from a Java interface for a web service based on OTA messages, and two different sample implementations of a client and server for the web service (Axis2 with standard SOAP/HTTP support, and JiBX/WS with SOAP/HTTP as well as POX/HTTP, SOAP/TCP, and POX/TCP, including high-performance XBIS encoding support).

JiBX/OTA is a subproject of the JiBX data binding project. See the online JiBX/OTA documentation for full details, including a look at the JavaDocs for one version of a generated data model. Both JiBX itself and JiBX/OTA are open source code, with BSD-style licenses.
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